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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind this Merdeka

The Sports Ministry of the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes celebrated Merdeka and Malaysia Day by promoting physical and mental well-being through various sports activities. Under the theme Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, two tournaments were organised to commemorate the days.

On August 31, the committee hosted a Merdeka Badminton Tournament that saw enthusiastic participation in multiple categories. The day commenced with an opening prayer by Deacon George Vaithynathan, who also officially inaugurated the tournament. As the National flag bearers entered the centre court, everyone joined in singing the national anthem Negaraku. The linesmen and umpires were all chosen from among the former badminton-playing parishioners. Deacon George presented medals to the winners, leaving everyone with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Continuing their celebrations, the committee organised a Malaysia Day Futsal and Netball Tournament on Sept 16. Like the previous event, this tournament attracted numerous participants across different categories. The day began with an opening prayer and tournament declaration by Fr Robert Daniel. As the National flag bearers graced the centre field, the song Saya Anak Malaysia was performed by some of the children.

The umpires for this event were chosen from among former futsal and netball-playing parishioners. Fr Robert awarded medals to the deserving winners, fostering a spirit of healthy competition among all participants.

In both tournaments, the Sports Ministry successfully brought the parishioners together in the spirit of unity, patriotism, and physical fitness, making these Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations memorable and meaningful.

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