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Parish assembly fostering a sense of unity and purpose

After a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes reconvened its parish assembly on October 29 with a sense of community.

With the theme Communion, Participation, and Mission, the parish assembly was aimed at preparing the community for the year 2024. The assembly focused on the idea of living in communion and active participation, emphasising discernment and achievement of their mission for the people of God.

The day commenced with a sumptuous lunch for all participants, creating a sense of togetherness. The assembly formally began with an opening prayer and was followed by the Synod prayer led by the Parish Youth Ministry.

Deacon Sandanasamy Peter extended a warm welcome to all present, followed by an address from the parish priest, Fr Robert Daniel.

Msgr Jude Miranda, the chairperson for the Peninsular Malaysia Pastoral Team, delivered an enlightening presentation on Synodality, which is a significant part of Pope Francis’ ongoing efforts to reform the Church into a more welcoming place.

Msgr Jude emphasised the importance of working together with all of humanity and the essential practice of listening to one another.

The assembly also included group discussions focusing on the themes of Communion, Participation, and Mission, which are central to the parish’s goals for 2024.

Towards the conclusion of the assembly, Fr Robert presented an update on the Parish Finance Reports and shared insights into upcoming projects and parish statistics.

This parish assembly has provided a platform for ongoing dialogue, reflection, and growth within the parish community, fostering a sense of unity and purpose

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