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Relics’ exhibition

In conjunction with All Saints Day, the Penang Diocesan Catechetical Commission (PDCC) and the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes (OLOL) organised a relic exhibition of 75 saints and blesseds over the weekend of October 21 and 22.

Catholics believe God can act through relics, which is why these sacred objects are venerated.

The exhibition began with a para-liturgy by the parish priest, Fr Robert Daniel, Deacon Sandanasamy Peter and Deacon George Vaithynathan.

Fr Robert addressed the assembled congregation, emphasising our purpose in coming together: to honour the saints and aspire to emulate their virtuous lives. As Fr Robert incensed the relics and anointed them with holy water, the faithful recited the Rosary.

Besides first-class relics consisting of fragments of saints’ bone, hair or other body tissue, the exhibition featured secondclass relics, which are items or fragments of saints’ possessions and third- and fourthclass relics which are items that a saint touched or that have been touched to a first, second or another third-class relic.

The relics of the saints were placed in frames with detailed explanations which were an eye-opener for many. The organising team members were readily available, possessing extensive knowledge to aid those who were curious and eager to learn more. For most people, this was a unique, one-time chance to witness and venerate a relic.

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